dorothy draper auction

the potomack company auction house, will be auctioning off furniture from the dorothy draper collection originally designed for the greenbriar.

draper, who is known for her grandiose work at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia and the The Arrowhead Springs Resort in Southern California, popularized countless classic looks that still work wonderfully in modern homes. cartoon like cut outs, black-and-white checkerboard floors and brightly colored front doors are a few of the design details draper popularized.

dorothy draper collection for the greebriar i've always loved her mix of green and white. although these are mostly pieces used in the greenbrier, it's a chance to get the 'look' at a great price and with an interesting provenance. the auction begins, september 22.


Anonymous said…
Wow, that auction house is just down the road from us, and most of those items look amazingly affordable.... Thanks for the hot tip -- I just may attend!!

P.S. Did you see the stylish 3-panel screen that used to cover the blast doors into the Greenbrier Secret Presidential Hideaway? Lot 94. Wouldn't that be fun to own (if you had a few thousand dollars to spare)?
Anonymous said…
drool drool drool.
what a great post!
Anonymous said…
I actually have 6 of the lattice backed arm chairs that I got from the golf club at the Greenbriar. I use them in my breakfast area.
A company located in Roanoke, VA had a ton of them 6 months ago and may still more. They were only $175 each....
Mrs. Blandings said…
Could it be possible these pieces will be so reasonable? Can't wait to watch and see. Bet some blogging friends come up with a piece or two. Lucky css, btw.

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