freeway of carpet

when i was a kid, my best friend-boy was a kid named 'bo meyers' (he had red hair and was born on valentines day) we used spend hours lying on the big antique persian rug in his front hallway, playing 'corgis' and 'hot wheels'.
the rug was perfect for this. the patterns made for great highway infrastructure. arteries of indigo led to clovers of deep red.
when i saw this design by big-game, all the memories came vroom-vrooming back. how fun! and the rug is so cool as is. (imagine it under a lucite coffee table?) but would also be great in a kid's room where there's a wall painted with chalkboard paint-the interactive room for the active kid.
the bonus thing is that it comes with a few cars in case you get that urge to 'play cars' when you're having your next cocktail party.
i wonder if my old hot wheels are still in my parents' basement.......


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