i can totally make that-and so can you!

do it yoursef-er and curbly member, affinity , made this inventive side table/light using pre-cut panels of plexi, glued together.
" i left the back uncovered as i wanted some air circulation for the heated bulb, sprayed glue on the lace and stick it to the underside of the table, placed the lamp iunder the table and there u go.."
now... i just need to know: what do you have going on behind it? is that a giant, oversized padded headboard??


Unknown said…
This really makes for a nice affect!

I think I can't stop wondering about the giant, oversized padded headboard.
Affinity said…
Hii!! thanks for your comment on my blog. as for the headboard, it is a oversized one which i made.. but hehehe, still not done with overhauling my room yet. will post more photos in my blog once its done..
beachbungalow8 said…
affinity: i'm so happy to know that! what a super cool headboard. i'd love to see more pictures of that.
/// said…
Yay for Curbly! I'm a fellow featured writer on Curbly as well, and LOVE when others spread the word!!!

Love your work here; keep em coming!

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