i can totally make that-and so can you!

do it yourself headboards are some of the most satisfying home design projects. most of these are super easy to recreate. a little fabric a couple of doors even a random woven blind .
this is so easy to do, upholstered headboard. using mdf (medium density fiberboard) a jigsaw, trace and cut. when done, tack on some batting and your favorite fabric attaching to the back with a staple gun. got that? tools: jigsaw, staple gun and scissors. if you get bored with it, you can change out the fabric.
this one's for all of you l.a. hippy diy-ers. a bohemian twist, using a piece of fabric (that looks like you got it from pier1 circa 1979) tack it to the wall behind the bed and take a bong hit. this one works so well because of the medallion pattern. now just pop in that "rumors" 8 track and your all good.
a woven shade as a headboard. um. ok. but only if you're in college or under 22. otherwise. really? no. makes my nose itch looking at it.
this one is from my house. as usual, i took this shot, without proper styling or a concept of how to photograph a low-lit room. this room is tiny. something like 10x15. using two alder wood doors, stained ebony (using minwax stain) i bolted these, one on top of the other to create 'drama'. for a room lacking in personality or design detail and little room for much more than a bed, this worked beautifully.
here's, apt therapy blog writer, jonathan's version that is admittedly, way cooler: 'We stained two large plain closet doors, attatching them together with metal brackets. Before mounting it, we spaced it off the wall a few inches with a 2x4. Then mounted it to the 2x4 with velcro. We placed two small fluorescent strip lights behind to give it a glow. Overall, it gives a nice "boutique hotel" feel." ok, but mine took like an hour to make.
here's another version of the same idea.( i'd lose the thing at the foot and the column, and the chandelier) actually, this looks like it came from a european design mag. all of these images, including mine, came from apartment therapy


That second picture was my college bedroom--except the tapestry was nailed to the ceiling. (cue Phish as the soundtrack for this memory).

I am in the market for a headboard, so thanks for the ideas.
katiedid said…
Looks like I am going to have to go out and buy that jigsaw.
franki durbin said…
headboards really are easy projects. I do love the whole idea of the large espresso stained glossy wood headboards take the cake. It's just too elegant and impossibly simple. Knowing how easy it is to do leaves no excuse for those without a headboard ;)

Gorgeous pix, love!
Jane Flanagan said…
It's decided! I'm making my own. I've resisted forking out $1000 and up for one when the materials are so basic (depending on fabric choice of course). One question: Any idea of sites I can find/print templates for the more shapely designs??
Decorno said…
"Take a bong hit" made me laugh so hard wine came out my nose. You're a cockstar.

Yes, I drink and blog. Got a problem with that?
beachbungalow8 said…
seriously, so easy to construct. you can use cheaper doors than i did too. but use something solid (the hollow core ones bash in easily if you're rough housing)

decorno-thank you for truly reading the post! most of the great bloggers out there have admitted to me that they work best with a bit o' the vino. in vino verite.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh wait, i didn't answer that question about the template. this site has a much more comprehensive explanation of how to do it and may give you a better idea of templates. http://www.bejane.com/headboard
Affinity said…
I love your headboard! :) i made a tufted headboard too but i'm getting tired of it already. heheh.
Anonymous said…
the black "head board" room is NOT Euro. It's by D'ette Cole of Austin Texas. http://ettaindustry.com/
beachbungalow8 said…
anon, really? good to know. it sort of looked, well, not of amercian asthetic. i'll go check the website.
Anonymous said…
I don't think you'll find the pic on her website but it's def. her. It's in the book "Trade Secrets," which features the homes of American designers plus tips for how to get their look.


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