jillian kogan...wowza

jillian kogan is an fellow angelino possessing wizardly ways with the paint, fabric, leather, coffee beans- and whatever else inspires.
she's been doing these reinterpretations of the california state flag. and they're so fabtastic. (love that american pop/abstract impressionism is still alive and kicking). looky:
my favorite:
and they're big. which is great. big art is great. makes such a dramatic statement in any size room. (this is a shot of an interior by betsy burnham featured in house beautiful- 2006- can we stop for a moment and discuss how lovely that grey and yellow looks together? nice job on the cieling too)
so here's what she just sent me. a sneak peak of a new piece.
girlfriend. that's insane. those are shells. ! .
you can read more about her, contact her and even comission a piece by going to her website jilliankogan.com


cotedetexas said…
I love this! Love the room too. I adore yellow and gray. My walls are a brownish yellow with gray trim. I did that in a client's house and then had to copy it my own. I had never had yellow walls before, but now I crave the combo.
This is incredible art. I've been doing some pieces of the Canadian Flag and it always 'spooks me out' reading your blog. Just this afternoon I was purchasing British flags to age and incorporate into a canvas. I am freaked out right now. Every time I think of new work, I see some kind of reference on your blog. What's up with that? There is synchronicity between bloggers.
beachbungalow8 said…
liberty, isn't that funny? i feel like i do that with other bloggers too! i think i'm being so original. i post and then do my skipping around to other blogs, only to find the exact same stuff!

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