lighten up.

kitschy, whacky or elegant. a small collection of novel lighting ideas.
walteria living $149.00 kitschy “Carlos” , a small porcelain night light apparently just back from the vet. what's cuter (in that pathetic way) than an elizabethan collar? not snappy or yippy, carlos, emits warm glow when lit. something about this, cereal bowl light, reminds me of late night college guys coming home from the bars and eating their midnight snack, in the dark, while channel surfing. from wanderlust designs. available in seven different bowl colors, orders can be customized by contacting designer Chris Haines directly. The Cereal Bowl Light is $90 from Etsy and a beautiful piece of sculputure posing as a light fixture. this shouldn't even be in the same category as the above. "shoal" by artist scabetti manages to be beautifully delicate with hundreds of small, finely cast, bone china fish swimming around the central light source. Scabetti.


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