lynne sulpy-fetching pet portraiture

oh to be a dog. seriously, you must have done something incredibly, karma-good to get to come back as a dog. how great is the dog's life? you lie around all day, everyone adores you because you're so loveable. everyday is a GREAT! day filled with FUN! and JOYFUL! possiblities (pant, pant) and those owner-people, schmoopy, schmoopy you ad naseum.
in fact, they love you so much they even have a portrait commissioned of your beautiful mug. and all you have to do is not chew the new choos.
lynn sulpy creates these amazing oil likenesses of your animal from a photograph:
i love the wayne thiebaut use of colors. (that photo is priceless. who wouldn't want that pup for a best little pal). her work is sold on etsy and through her website which carries more of her beautiful oil paintings.
for fun, i attempted this pet portrait idea for my S.O. who loves his dog, george, more than he loves me. here was the outcome (oh, and btw, he tells me that this was what sealed the deal for him-word to you single girls out there)
"george", 2005


Anonymous said…
I love it...all of it...the PET artwork, YOUR artwork and your clever story tying it all together...brilliant are one of my fav daily blogs to read. Great style, great wit, great daily read. Of course you are originally from the East Coast :)
Anonymous said…
I might have to get one for my rottweiller (aka 1st child) Chevy. She is turning 10 this daughter is planning a party for her & a few of her dog friends...we are having carrot cake cupcakes. :) She loves the books abt Carl.
cotedetexas said…
You could have a second career right now if you want one. I want to sign you up to do "my" Georgie - named Georgiamina after George Herman Ruth aka the Babe. All of our dogs are named after Hall of Famers of BB and we always get female dogs, so they always have male names: Reggie, Willie, Georgie, and Sammie Jo - the dogs of our 18 year old marriage. There were some cats along the way, but they came into my life before marriage and they had a different theme: Lola, Quilty, and Humbert, all named after that great novel and movie - Lolita.
Your painting is gorgeous - you are too talented girl!

beachbungalow8 said…
i'd love to do one for anyone who asks! another reader inquired and i am so excited to do one for her st bernard (who is about the cutest thing i've ever seen)

joni, i love your naming of your pets. i always did literary names (abelard and heloise etc) my friend names hers after dead presidents wives. currently, 'eleanor' love that.

and, incidentally, i LOVE lolita. wasn't that movie so perfectly cast?

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