cool things over at mothology:
to catch all of mister moth's little fly friends, the old fashioned way-
you know, if i had this, instead of my little wire number back in san francisco, i would have felt so much cooler dragging my groceries home down clement street. but now i could use it next to the front door for sandy wet beach towels.
these little beauties would be the prefect mid-century modern, swinging chair if you were a rockin', hip little garden gnome.
i've always loved the utilitarian look of these chairs. however, i think they'd be a bit uncomfortable.
gustavian, yes it is. but a great looking piece to add to the mix.
mothology-the science of style


Wow - I have never heard of this company, and it is located in my home town! Thanks for the post. I have a weakness for Gustavian furniture, and I love that chest.
Anonymous said…
Totally love the post & pics! :)
Style Court said…
Yes! This is why I think you should visit Providence the next time you are in Atlanta. Sells Mothology :)
cotedetexas said…
I love this chest, but they are ALWAYS out of it!!! I think it's just a ruse, truthfully.
Mélanie said…
These iron chairs are from Pauchard and there are the best.
I love their style
Mrs. Blandings said…
I saw those votive holders hung in beteen the balustrades (is that what I'm thinking?) of a stair railing last Christmas - it looked amazing, sparkly and everything. Not the best thing if you have children - or even pets - but very, very cool for the truly grown up.
Anonymous said…
Ohh I love those votives. I put them all over my dining room.
Adore the votives! Thanks for sharing

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