off the wall

the collection has some great trompe l'oeil wall paper available. clever euros. now you can look like an instant bibliophile...books, books and more books. i'd put this in a water closet. love this one. an image of a vintage dress on a hanger. i only wish the hanger was a wooden one instead of the plastic target kind. the paper is washable vinyl and sells for about $74.00 a yard. it's art people.


Anonymous said…
I looooove the books. As one of your readers on the are killing me with all of these great house-y ideas!
Anonymous said…
Hi Meagn,
Nice post!
Just back from taking Tay back to school, this would look great in a dorm room. Hummm
cotedetexas said…
These are darling. the dress would be so cute in a boutique dressing room (too cliched?) or a hair salon dressing room.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i like that idea too...the salon idea.
Decorno said…
Superduper love the books. Goddamit! Why do you show me things that WON'T work in my ^&%^#%@^%$##@! house?

I have only one option now. I must move. That's the sensible solution, for sure.

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