omg, did you ASK permission first???

"you're going to be so busted. you copied. um. that's plagiarism you know. total copyright infringement. you're going to be in so much trouble. i'm not going to tell or anything.....i'm just saying....." irreverent artist eric doeringer has taken these notions, turned them around and in-your-faced it into a profit.
doeringer "recreates" copies of original art pieces, which sell for....well let's just say, A LOT more...and sells them for a lot less.
and he sells these bootlegged pieces just like any boot legger would, on the streets of new york.
often times right outside the very museum in which the real stuff sits, warmly, protected encased and shrined in all of its unmitigated glory!
i'm not here to pass judgment. that's not my place. (can't stand the teachery types who lecture, condescendingly, one eye brow up, arms crossed)
nope, i'm here to applaud the art. which is quite good. seems as though sweet todd oldham approves as well, as he is a collector of not a few of doeringer's works.
love this one: his work can be seen at the whitney (IN THE whitney) in his new show: Initial Public Offering starting september 28th (7 p.m. opening)
he also has a slew of naughty, irreverent goods for sale on his website. some completely unmentionable but some that are funny, 'my entire cd collection' on one cd-buy at your own risk.


cotedetexas said…
copyright infringement! wow, my two favorite words today, especially when they apply to people who write books about houses near water. You've been warned........!!
Anonymous said…
Crossed arms, eyebrow up types......have neva-eva removed tags from their matresses/pillows either, for fear of being "UnderThePenaltyOfLaw"

Ooooooo, the MattressPolice are comin' a knockin'...........Alison
Habitually Chic said…
I love it too! I'm so going to find him this weekend and buy an Elizabeth Peyton knock-off. God knows I'll never be able to afford an original. Thanks for this post! I'll make sure I report back as well!
Decorno said…
OMG, my head is going to explode. I just spent waaaay too much time on his website. So glad you posted about him.
Loved this post and I love his website!! Thanks posting about Eric!!!
Habitually Chic said…
Ok, after a little email cooresondance with Mr. Doeringer, I found out that his one Elizabeth Peyton Bootleg is $160 and the other is $200. Why do I somehow find this offensive? At that price, I'm going to buy some original art from some up and coming artist and not a copy of a painting of an already famous artist. What do you think?
beachbungalow8 said…
no way. totally offensive. the whole point was that it was supposed to be cheap. and no kidding, go buy art from someone who's up and coming. he's now become what he was bootlegging!

damn. now i'm bummed that i posted this!
Habitually Chic said…
I was totally thinking they'd be no more than $50 each but I guess this is New York after all and everyone is out to make a buck.

Don't be bummed though! It was still a great post!
Unknown said…
OK let's get a grip girls - $200 for an original piece ( albeit a reinterpreted copy) of a famous work by an artist that is currently showing his work at The Whitney!!! Pennies my friends! Judging from the press he is getting and the willingness of one of the most venerable art museums in the country to exhibit his work He is the real deal. What if you bought an Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Lithograph for $200 on the street years ago? I don't know about you but there are very few things in this world that I would be willing to do myself for less than $200 bucks. ( Hope I didn't sound too Bitchy )
beachbungalow8 said…
jackie, you are TOTALLY right. i was wrong in that previous comment. it's art, and so many times artists under value themselves. if you love the art and it's within your budget no price is too much.

thanks for the correction!

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