put your hands together for the lovely....tana lawn

tana lawn is not a stripper. tana lawn, is the name of the liberty of london, line of beautiful fabrics. these fabrics are incredibly soft and known for their colorful and diminutive prints
"liberty of london, is a well known store in Regent Street in central London, England at the heart of the West End shopping district. It was founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875 to sell ornaments, fabrics and miscellaneous art objects from Japan and the Far East.

Liberty & Co. first catered for an eclectic mixture of popular styles, but then went on to develop a fundamentally different style closely linked to the aesthetic movement of the 1890s and Art Nouveau. The company became synonymous with this new style to the extent that in Italy, Art Nouveau became known as Stile Liberty after the London shop." from wikipedia

crafty quilters have long used strips of these beautiful, fine gauge fabrics to create their masterpieces. my favorite use has always been for clothing. i love a men's summer tie in a liberty of london worn with a light poplin or searsucker suit (of course this requires a manly man to pull off)
and how lovely are these blouses (at papa d'anjo) for children:
liberty tana lawn fabrics can be found at purlbee


Mrs. Blandings said…
Love the berry looking one. Think J. Crew has used Liberty the last few seasons as well - shirts, scarves and shoes.

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