riddle me this

don't know quite what to say. i'm baffled. are these "good art" and i don't see it? or is this a case of the "emperor and his new clothes"? the elephant, sells for over 75 thousand. they look like, highly designed toilet bowl scrubbers.
oh wait, you want one? ok, here: click on this.


Anonymous said…
Yikes, I saw those monsters in Vivre......a tad Freudian perhaps - I just didn't get it - presumably my midwestern ingenueness at it's finest.

HOWEVER, I did fold the corner on the second to the last page - 79 I think.
Those brilliant hinged wooden cuffs - a classic shirtcuff interpretation by Kara Ross.
Lost a breath for a second.
How 'bout the swish "gem" cufflink closure?
Sublime.....Sly.....not a bit Freudian.....har-har!!
Cheers, Alison

PS: Oh, and peek on page 67, Edwina Hunt's wool weekender duffel.....I'm getting all misty.

"Good" "Art" : they definitely are not! (this required an extra dose of inverted commas!)

I would love to know who actually bought one of these ;-)
beachbungalow8 said…
oh ya. the cuffs and the bag? these are why my vivre catalog sits around the house for a month. total catalog porn.
katiedid said…
A little too weird pour moi. I realize they are Daum, but c'mon...75K???
vanessche said…
Even in the best of times, all I can envision is my children and dog running through the house and hearing that elephant come crashing into 12,000
pieces....HA. That said I guess if it were a gift, I might grow to like it, tusk ,tusk!

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