the slobification of america? i think not!

i love it. i wear it (it's all about owning it people!!)
these items found at bergdorfs. (yes, silver with gold) bling it, don't sing it!
*my inner wordsmith is dead asleep today.


You are too funny--and I agree. Champagne season is around the corner and it deserves to be celebrated with a little flash. (Passing on the rims however).
Anonymous said…
Clare & you are related, she loves B.G. and has made some recent purchases...
we miss you Megan.
Style Noir said…
Nothing like a hot to death, wearable spinner. Word.

Brilliant Asylum - Champagne is for all seasons. Drink up.
Decorno said…
Spinning rim jewelry at BG? Are you serious? That place isn't as blue-hair as it used to be, huh?
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i should have been more clear, the spinning rim is NOT from bergdorf's. i love bg- especially in the summer. you go into that ice cold a.c. and squishy carpet.

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