tiny aviary and how birds once scared the b-jeezuz out of me.

once when i was about 7 my best friend mary anne flatley and i were playing at a church near my house. i jumped down into a window well, landing on something soft. i looked down to find i was standing, barefoot, on a, huge, dead, mccaw parrot (believe me, i was thinking the same thing, 'what the hell?).
and i was not going to be able to get myself out. terrified, i begin to claw at the walls screaming for mary anne to run and get my sister. i don't even remember what happened next. (i got out obviously) but the phobia of birds began at that point. (try living in a city, with flighty gangs of pigeons at every turn. urban nightmare)
eventually, i got over this fear. and in fact, now, i love birds and i love a good piece of bird art. i even collect little vintage saucers, figurines and art off of ebay or where ever.
i found these bird pieces at the flea last summer. (i will say, i hesitated with the mc caw)
so when i ran across chicago illustrator, diana sudyka and her beautiful little blog, 'the tiny aviary' i was thrilled to be introduced to all ranges of bird art.
not to mention her own gorgeous work. i love, love this one, it truly is 'stellar'
and of course, like all good industrious artists, she has an etsy shop. check out her blog too. it's funny, these days i find birds so beautiful and even peaceful. they sing, they move beautifully, they're (design wise) amazing creatures sort of god's example of, industrial design perfection.
and what of that dead mccaw? well it turns out an old retired doctor, who lived near the church had several. one day, the maid opened the window and this bird flew out, subsequently meeting its demise in that window well. *i know there's some moral message, in this around living with your fears or finding beauty in your fears. but i'm just not that introspective today.


Anonymous said…
Oh Megan, I love this post and pics.
Style Court said…
thanks for the intro. love the headboard ideas too.

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