town toiles the most blogged about wallpaper out there

are we burnt on these yet? there's a chance that some of you blog readers haven't seen these.
either way, i want to share them- because they're pretty, witty and fun. towntoiles is a company that creates these great toiles with meaning.
rubenesque maidens gathering water from a stream with a naked cherub to her right, as sheep graze behind, just isn't your style? how about papering your wall in your favorite city's landmarks.
new york...... ahh boston, big ships and beacon hill....
of course this one is all me....san francisco.
and this sunny delight is perfect anywhere you want a little beach pick me up there are many more such as chicago, tampa etc. and they have matching fabric. because if you're going to stick toile on the have to bring the matching fabric. it needs to be one big, in your face, toile rage.


Anonymous said…
I have never heard of these & I love them! Thanks for the fun post!! After our year o' renting hopefully we can find a place of our own where I could do a little homage to NY in toile! :)
beachbungalow8 said…
oh good! i'm glad i had a reader who hadn't been hit over the head with these prints!

they're so cute aren't they?
These are new to me too. I wonder what the ATL's toile would look like--McMansions obscured by haze?
beachbungalow8 said…
seriously? i'm so glad you guys hadn't seen it. i've been seeing it everywhere. but i still love it.

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