urban hardwoods

aren't these beautiful? beautiful and kind. these are made of urban reclaimed wood (from different neighborhoods in seattle).
trees grown in an urban environment tend to be well cared for and therefore grow to be large and have a beautiful wood grain.
the folks at urban hardwoods have created a loving business of turning these old timers into gorgeous table tops. "Thousands of urban trees come down in our city every year. Typically these trees are burned, chipped or taken to the landfill. Our mission is simple: to put this abundant and valuable material resource to its highest use by turning it into extraordinary furniture and architectural elements."

the dining table can be purchased through velocity art for around 3,600.00 dollars, the coffee table, $3,100.00 (free shipping)

this reminds me of , 'the giving tree'


Anonymous said…
"The Giving Tree" is my VERY favorite book in the whole world!
vanessche said…
flashback of when my son in 1st grade performed the poem "sick" by shel silverstein. a true classic.
loving trees the way I do, this one is fabulous.
what a better way to have the giving tree as our chic coffee tables and the book sur la table!
beachbungalow8 said…
i agree! i think this idea is really sweet. i love trees.
Unknown said…
What a great reuse of materials and so environmentally friendly. We need more of this in the times we are living. Recycle and reuse!
Lisa Loop said…
The designers and craftmen from Urban Hardwoods have gone off to start Meyer|Wells....check it out...


All the good stuff and more. I just had my dining room table made by them and it couldn't be any more delicious.

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