wall nuts

i'm on a wallpaper roll this week (yes i did-id) i guess i haven't been to walnut wallpaper's website for a bit. they now have a great gallery section to 'veiw' these lovely papers in real homes.
this "plume"design by cavern home , was what i was trying to get a feel for. isn't it fabuloso? (the wallpaper)
i think, that the resurgance of wallpaper popularity has been a great thing.
and i also think that it sometimes takes some elbow nudging to get someone to commit to this wall treatment. but check out these:
see? not so scary.
and now for the drum roll................
I'm obsessed with this paper. god! it's what i picture bianca jagger had hanging in her dressing room while she tried to figure out which wrap dress to wear to studio 54 that night, smelling like norell perfume. love, love, love it!


Unknown said…
I agree - that last paper is totally fabulous.
beachbungalow8 said…
i kinda, always feel like i just gave the right answer in class when patricia agrees with me. i blush a little even.
Anna Spiro said…
Oh, that bottom image is AMAZING - I agree with you totally that wallpaper is GORGEOUS!!!
Mrs. Blandings said…
The last paper is totally fab - and, yes, you're supposed to feel that way when Patricia agrees with you. She knows things.
Anonymous said…
I love me some wallpaper!
I am so glad it's back in. I can't wait to get my hands on a place & paper away!

I'm stodgier w/my paper choices. I'm a fan of Thibaut. I love the ones you selected. They are so CHIC!!
Perfect description. I wish I had a room in which to hang it (and play out my Bianca Jagger fantasy).
Style Court said…
Ditto Brilliant Asylum! You are spot-on with your description Megan. That last one is amazing. Used in the perfect room.
Decorno said…
Wow. Wowza. That last paper is so rocking. It actually looks a lot like the pattern on the rug on Tim Gunn's show last night.

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