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sometimes living in L.A. has its perks; proximity to beautiful beaches and mountains, great people watching, amazing weather and superb shopping. however, it seems to be a place where store proprietors feel it's ok to charge rather ridiculous prices for pieces that, if found say, oh, in the midwest would be half these prices.
charles stool, philppe starck, $272.00 each (i sort of get this)
roxy stool, $725 (welcome to l.a.)
open framed mirrors $550 each (this doesn't kill me, but they look more like 2 fitty)
mademoiselle chair $784 (pearl river + ikea) rex shelving unit $2,315
i don't know maybe it's just me. but i'd much rather spend a few Gs on a great antique at auction. oh and these are all from weegohome.com, which overall, has some really nice pieces. i'm just not sold on their price tags.


Unknown said…
It always amazes me what some people will pay for things when buying retail. Put them in the position of being a desingers client and it's a whole other story. They think everything should be free!! Go Figure.
Jackie . '
Decorno said…
My 13 year old stepston can make you that white West Elm-ish bookshelf in shop class for $250, including the paint job. Weego is a no-go, kiddo.

(You totally want to punch me for that last rhyme-y bit, huh?)
beachbungalow8 said…
sold! said step-son should become the next etsy prodigy.

that piece is a total ikea hack.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me or is that $2,000 bookshelf not built properly? In the upper left side of it I see light peeking through as if the back is not nailed down?
beachbungalow8 said…
there is no back! i think that middle section has fabric (see the stool of same fabric) attached to it but the rest is just a frame. making me scratch my head further about their pricing.
Anonymous said…
Antique stores are just as guilty of this type of overpricing. Antiques on Fair Oaks in Pasadena has pieces that have been there, taking up precious floor space, for at least 5 years. If you can't sell a piece of furniture in 5 years and you're located a mile or two from some of the priciest real estate in Southern California (San Marino), that's a HINT that perhaps it's not priced right.

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