ann warner

i first ran across ann's work on flickr. i used one of her photos to illustrate a post. you may remember, the two little wedding birds?
i hopped over to her site to find this brooklyn based artist makes her livelihood off of creating these tiny birds (among other things), which are created of antique linens, lace as well as newer textiles. i'm fascinated by her creations. they're vaguely victorian, and little and fantasy filled.
i have no idea what i would actually do with one of these birds. but i'm in awe of their craftsmanship and their personalities. they're just cool.
she also creates little ships out of just about anything that works for the project. they're just beautiful.
even cooler, to me, are these dioramas she makes. i love a little miniature diorama. i actually love little. little worlds. and that's exactly what she creates.
to see more of ann's work and read all about how some australian company ripped off her designs check out her blog


Style Court said…
thanks for the intro (again). those ships are beautiful.
katiedid said…
These diaramas are otherworldly cool! They look like they belong in the movie: Edward Scissorhands or A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sort of Victorian and mystical.

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