bandicoot lapin-paris

those parisians. are you kidding me? they're always one upping us. or are we even competing? we the ...par venues. even when it comes to halloween costumes. damn them! my kids are busy being 'fifties girl' and ' dead bride' (ok the latter? could be something to talk about with the therapist) check these costumes out from paris based bandicoot-lapin:
where's the acetate?
do you have to dry clean these? where's the 'snap' on princess plastic mask of yore? (ok , i guess those were retired in 1975) but still, who in the.... who in the united states- is going to dress their child as peau d'ane. translate: donkey skin. catherine deneuve 1970.??? crazy french (la fou frogs). god love them. oh and prices are in the neighborhood of 180.00. available in the states at john derian.
(i wonder in france, if the mothers make the kids where their parkas (the navy ones with the smushed up faux fur around the hood) over their costumes. )


Anonymous said…
Love this post! My daughter is going to be a ladybug, a coccinelle en francais. It even SOUNDS cooler in french.
I didn't even know they did Halloween in France. I can only imagine the "bons bons" those kids get!

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