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living in 72 degrees and sunny, means i can't get too excited when all of the new fall clothes hit the racks. you all are wrapping yourselves in rich shades of autumn, yummy cashmeres and fabulous leathers and wools. i'm driving around l.a. sweating in my summer dresses, blasting the A.C. into my face as i go christmas shopping.my closet stays pretty consistent through out the fall and winter months.
one thing that changes is my shoe choice. minimal change, i realize, but what's a girl to do who's an 'autumn'. i love a good boot.a good casual boot. a boot you can wear with a dress-with a great pair of tights if the night is nippy (read: 60 degrees) and boots are always good with a great pair of jeans, tucked in or out. here are a few of my fave
the wellie:
a british classic. i first started wearing these one winter in san francisco when it rained (i mean poured- no drizzle) for 4 months straight. misery. "el nino". winter of 97-98. i was large and pregnant and buying shoes was the only thing i could do for myself. now they come in all of these crazy colors. i prefer the classic two tone. but these are cool too. i found these at shopbop. $130.00
the frye harness boot:
the minute you pull these on, you walk with a swagger. these are "the bad ass boots". you will feel like a total bad ass chic, when you wear these.
i love how these look under a great pair of faded jeans (just do NOT wear any plaid flannel with these-not that you should be owning any plaid flannel.it's just that this look could go really, really wrong if you don't know what you're doing and if you're not up to owning the look) i love these with a dress too. i know, you're thinking crazy. but, honestly, i have this white, gauzy goldie hawn, butterflies are free dress-hippy and fem, it looks fantastic with these. (i found a pair of these in little kid size for my girls and they wore them with tutus on occasion-(you have to be really cute to pull this look off) you can find them at zappos for $211.00.
personally, i think that everyone should own a pair of these. guys too (these should be in every man's shoe wardrobe). old men and children as well. i bought my 80 year old dad these and they look darn nice on him. i also found some lavender suede ones for my kids. SUPEr, super cute. they're a classic australian boot going back to the 1800s. they're incredibly comfortable and have been knocked off plenty.but nothing's like the real deal.
bludstone on sale for $66.50 the moccasin boot:
ok, these, really, are not for everyone. and you know exactly who you are and why. i love them. i think they're totally hot. totally hot because you have to have the nerve (which in itself, is hot) and because the indian maiden look is always a little sexy. this is when "owning it" comes in handy. because there will be a few people who look at you, while you're pushing your cart down the aisle at trader joe's and think, "is she actually wearing moccasin boots?" to which you look them right in the eye with a slight, smug smile that says, "that's right. they're MOCCASIN boots. and they're fabulous"
oh whatever you do? do NOT buy any of the colors or the black. only that brown one two boots in the one that looks like a yellow lab. the rest are ick. minnetonka $80.00
fiorentini + baker: i'm saving the best for last. hoping you're still reading this, very wordy post, these boots are (and i have to borrow a term from decorno here) fucking INSANE. the first time i saw this tremendous example of fine leather crafting, was in my favorite shoe store, 'gimme' in san francisco. these boots are made of the most incredible soft, buttery leather. totally hand made and to die for. i looked for these on ebay for years. a couple of times a pair showed up. but mostly if you buy these, (they're not cheap) you're keeping them.
again, great with jeans and with dresses.
there's a men's version that's beautiful too. it's short and has just that one lower buckle strap. so hot.


Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more with your opinion on ALL of the boots mentioned! I actually have the Frye "Engineer" Boot in drk. brown -- it has a buckle instead of the 'harness' strap around the ankle and a rounded bump toe in place of the nipped toe. I wore them with dresses and a skirt as well as faded boot leg levis - I remember seeing the look in a Vogue spread on Meg Ryan, years ago...I think it's earth girl chic! I bought a pair of black/green wellies for my 24 yr. old daughter - who wore them all over Manhatten last year and LOVES them. I adore the last pair of Italian made black boots, they are too MUCH!! You have great taste!
beachbungalow8 said…
so glad you enjoyed these. they're not really glamorous but they are exactly that, 'earth girl chic'
Anonymous said…
I tire of the overdesigned, "glammed to within an inch of your life" mentality of the nonsensical fashion industry.The earthiness and wearability of these boots truly is refreshing.
Anonymous said…
But I still love a killer pair of t-straps or maryjanes, just not 5" of them!
beachbungalow8 said…
i gotta tell you, when i walk around beverly hills, rodeo drive, i get so turned off by the whole glammed out look mid-day. it looks stupid. reall. not glamorous, more like pricy hooker. and so i tend to love this juxtaposition to it all.

i think there's always a time and place for a fantastic bunion inducing heel or shoe, just not all of the time.
librelife said…
I have been searching for the perfect boot for my birthday present. I showed my husband a pair I wanted yesterday from anthropologie. They were the coveted pair until....I saw the Fiorenti+Baker boots on your blog. Oh my.Just perfect. We just ordered them online. Cannot wait to receive them.
beachbungalow8 said…
librelife you will LOVE THESE. no, these are the most beautiful boots. even better in person.
librelife said…
A sad thing happened. They emailed me to tell me they really don't have the blasted boots anymore and that they are refunding my $. So now I am on the search. Noone has them. Sigh. Will be calling a store in Seattle tomorrow to be put on a waiting list.But wait I will until these treasures come home to me.

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