diana fayt

san francisco artist diana fayt creates marvelous ceramic pieces that, i swear, are the impetus for many of the creations you see at places like anthropolgie.
except with diana's work the novelty of the idea and the impulesivity of the concept is so fresh. it hasn't yet been through a series of shirts sitting around a board room table, dumming it down for the masses. in other words her stuff is the real deal and it can be yours to love and adore.
i love how her work appears to be this fastidious study in the science of botany or entomology. and almost as if by chance, she grabbed the nearest thing to her...in the case...oh! i hand made, ceramic bowl, and sketched it all out. diana's work can be purchased on her etsy shop one black bird where you can also pick up on of 2008 calendars.
all of which are hand illustrated, limited edition calendars, 9" x 6.5" in size, offset printed on a lovely fine ribbed Japanese paper which has the look and feel of fabric. Based on a Japanese design the calendar's pages are individual leaves, which can be used later as a framed print or as a card.


Anonymous said…
Love this Megan, her stuff is great!
Anonymous said…
so so beautiful! thanks for the post!

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