door-namental design

i love old office doors. i love the old quirky attempt of using natural light while maintaining privacy. i love the old type faces and "official" titles. they always seem sort of 'cute' (condescension noted). and i love re-using them in a home. it adds such a fun, unexpected and amusing detail to a space. obviously it's not for every home...but in the right place? so charming~
when i moved from my lovely old home in boston a few years ago, i sort of, tucked under my skirt an old door that was in the basement.
i mean, really no body was going to miss it. and i appreciated it. it was a little piece of my history after all. a little piece of that lovely old home to carry with me. i ended up installing it in my bedroom. every morning i wake up to it and admire the refracted light shining through its window and am reminded of my old house on babcock street.


Anonymous said…
Serendipitious timing on this, BB8.
When I look at your pics I hear a clakity manual typewriter and hear the shrill ring of a bakelite rotary phone.........lov-er-ly gauzy light through your BR door window - like being photographed with a filter!!

Just told my reno/remod guy that I have some old doors for our project.....Swinging butler's pantry door (just a bump of the hip and ta-da!!) and closet doors for the girls - replete w/original glass prism knobs.

Any fab old door source to share?
Always love to look.....Would positivley gush over an old porthole window door - can you IMAGINE a room sporting one of those beauts?!?!?
Cheers, Alison
Decorno said…
Man, I love old doors... I posted this for you, pally:

Decorno said…
PS - you're like the queen of original content. If you read my other grouchy post today, you, my friend, set the bar for original content.

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