down the tube

i'm a, admittedly, bad photographer. and i will forever blame it on the camera. and it sort of sucks, because i love photography. i think i have a pretty good eye, but i just can never seem to capture what i admire in shots that i, so often, post. last night, bored, i grabbed a roll of paper towels and started shooting through it. the results are just odd.
charlotte (always a willing participant in all things crazy and creative)
he'd probably be embarassed that i posted this (dude, if you read "the blog" more often you'd get some creative muscle!) little china girl these are fun, if you decide to try this, send them to me, i'll post them. they're so cool and weird (like us!)


cotedetexas said…
Only you would think to do this!

Have a great time in SF!!
SGM said…
Love these! What a great idea.
Lyn said…
these are so fun! i might send you some. ;)

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