follow up on the haunted house

some of you may remember the old mansion(in pasadena) that i was given a chance to tour, and possibly set design for a, commercial haunted house.
you're probably wondering what happened with all of that. here's how it went down:
i came up with some stellar ideas. fantastic story lines, was ready to start scouring flea markets and haddasah bargain centers to find the perfect spooky furniture. and then the powers that be, decided that i was over art directing (noooo. me?) and taking it to a whole other level. i chuckle. i chuckle, because this is pretty much how i do life. why do anything the easy way! why under art direct when you can obsess over every detail?
why just dark mazes and fake cob webs when you can create elegant, macabre, cannibalistic dining scenes and crying little lost ghost girls at the end of the hallway looking half dead. i could have made it SO scary. but in the end they went their way. it's business after all. and good business folks know that you put as little as possible in to get the most possible out.
it's up and running. and truth be told, it sounds fantastic. it also serves as a fund raiser for area schools. so if you're in the L.A./pasedena area you should definitely check it out. "Come and join the ghosts and monsters in a REAL haunted mansion (south street and john avenue) benefiting local schools and youth groups in Pasadena. See the attached flyer. The dates are 10/18/07-10/210/07, 10/25/07-10/28/07 and 10/31/07-11/3/07."


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