hotty mc hot-hot designers do it again

these cute men of design. they've done it again. not only do they sit there and look good, but they're creating fabulosity. what a blessed mix. jordan carlyle has recently installed several of his pieces in retail space. most recently in the tahari shop in las vegas and in barneys ny. and it looks fantastico. very new york. very metro and very fall feeling.
and jordan cappella who wears many berets in the world of art and design. he blogs, he styles, he designs rooms, bags, purses and incredible furniture. and i'm sure he has a beautiful accent (aussie that he is)
he now has some great new, lucite work to shout out about. cappella has recently been featured in the l.a. times for his lucite box lamp that he sells exclusively at alie waldman's shop in l.a.
i love this piece. it would be at home with so many different design influences. here it looks great and retro 70s against the caning. but i can also see this make a huge impact in a room that has a bit more classic styling. or what about a super groovy, guest powder room that's mirrored, entirely, with a black marble floor. swish. this would be a great design feature.
i just know the light it gives off must be so smokey and soft. mm! beautiful. good work jordans!
(i feel the need to make a jordan candy reference. but i won't. makes me sound like tail chaser and not a happy little bride to be) these guys, cute, nice and most importantly-making some good art. thanks guys!


cotedetexas said…
ok, I'm going to tell S.O. on you! Behave!!!
Jordan Cappella said…

Thank you so much for the post it is a compliment to have you post about my work and also a compliment to be in the same post as Jordan carlyle.
katiedid said…
Jordon is not the most common name, and yet you have found two! I am loving both of their stuff.

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