Monday, October 8, 2007

jocelyn warner, wallpaper

lovin this wallpaper by british artist, joceyln warner. i'd do this one called 'lily' in this gorgeous grape color. so serene.
one of these days i'll have a house that has, either a wall i can accent with one of my favorite papers or a room that would look fantastic swathed in color and design. the only problem will be, which one!


Jordan Cappella said...

Very nice i love the leaf metallic, i am so into silver.

Style Court said...

that grape is beautiful :)

brandon & brittany said...

ooh, love love love that.

Cote de Texas said...

Hey, I love the lavender one. I'm doing a teen room right now and have driven myself crazy looking for that colorway in wallpaper, it is nonexistant!!! Thanks, I'm going to look this one up.


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