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i have a california king moving into my bedroom and so i need to accommodate. more accurately, i need to buy a new bed.
i'm thinking of a few different ways i could go.
i love a padded head-board (but are they practical? you know, dogs, kids etc)
and because my bedroom has a vaulted ceiling, an over sized, really dramatic, tall headboard would be subtly dramatic. of course i'd have to have it covered in an amazing fabric. and i would certainly need to make it removable for cleaning.
ideally something not screaming with a mix of pattern and color but something that would enable me to mix up the bedding when i had the urge. these madeline weinribs would be beautiful:
i also think this, idea, of a 'monogrammed' headboard is just so sharp. but then would this limit the room a bit? but ooh. i do so love this. back to the bed situation. this look is preppy and a bit vintage while feeling very graphic. great look. definitely a thought.
again, my room can handle "tall". for which i'm fortunate. because this means that i can look at a four poster as an option. this one has long been a favorite shot of mine. (can someone give me the resource for this photo? i've lost it***) i LOVE these french linens. not exactly starched and pressed. natural and loose. i would totally use this look in my bedroom. i'm not completely sold on williams sonoma home. i have no idea (having not checked it out in person) why they're priced the way they are. i mean, they're retail. right? i'm all for paying for quality. but i'm concerned that these may just be 'pottery barn' grade.
from afar, from the catalog shots, i totally dig these two beds. but what are they like up close? i need to test drive this one i think both of these can go formal and also look like there's some provenance to them. a bit unexpected in a beachy room. just what i like. the bottom one is from restoration. ***this just in.....a big giant thank you to reader/new friend courtney for sending me this full photo (from the nytimes) of that gorgeous bed above - and to stylecourt for giving me more info on the design specs of this room (i knew, just knew that stylecourt would give me the info i need. she's an omniscient one!) ******even more help from the outside. this time, editor, monika eyers herself (this was her shoot at domino) came in and bailed me out. "it's from jan/feb 06 issue of Domino, pg 41. The sheets are by Souleiado! " i love domino and the people who work there. they're just good folk all around. little more info. too: wallpaper - "flowering quince"-clarence house
bed- we "think" it was a newly ebonized- hand me down. however i've seen a few that are very similar available to the public (i.e. not only to the trade)


Anonymous said…
Hello BB,
I've also wondered the same re: WmS. furniture.
Nice enough merchandising and catalog layout - but whoa, is THAT is what you pay for, not necessarily, well..... craftsmanship and quality, I'm not sure.....??
Regardless, the last two nests are so fab.
Would take any kind of dressing - I would swish either up with a white cotton pique or subtle white cotton matellase coverlet, crisp pillowcases/shams - Perhaps that is where a tone on tone or white BB8 monogram plays in....How I love the demure, ForMyEyesOnly, reverse snob appeal of a white on white monogram.......
Oh, and did I mention a pretty cashmere lil ol' blanky (any color) tucked at the foot of this????
franki durbin said…
padded headboards are extremely practical. ours is tufted leather and incredibly durable. I love it for its usefulness.

when I read in bed, I can lean up against it. I can study, take notes...all with a nice cushioned back.

As for height, you can find these as tall as you like. I've seen some incredible ones available through some of our local high-end showrooms. They can run the gamut between ultra-mod and Victorian. Quite a range!

In the end, buy what you love. Not what you think you should love. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hey Megan - the photo you are looking for a credit on is from the Jan/Feb 2006 Domino. The wallpaper is "Flowering Quince" from Clarence House. If you want a scan of the entire page, just let me know! Best,
Courtney Barton
Style Court said…
Megan, just another note on the bedroom with "Flowering Quince" wallpaper, it's that Costelllo bedroom that I posted a while back. (also seen in New York Times.) Just type "Costello Bedroom" in my search box and you should see it. The bed I think was inherited but newly ebonized. Let me know if you need more :)
beachbungalow8 said…
to the two courts- thank you! i knew someone would remember. i love that shot. the bed is wonderful,the wallpaper is amazing all of it together is perfection.

i'll make sure to give proper credit. thanks you guys!
beachbungalow8 said…
i love the headboard idea franki, i don't think leather would work so well in my beachy atmosphere. but i am still considering having my 'guy' create something using a fantastic fabric. what i may do, is create a slip - so that it can be removed for cleaning.
cotedetexas said…
Hi - listen if you do upholstery headboard, you have to have euro shams behind your pillow for the heads. Heads give off such oil. Ben is not allowed to have his head touch the headboard, ever! But, in our guest room, where he hides when he has migraines, I have a silk headboard and I discovered that away from my ever watchful eyes, he WAS putting his head against the headboard without the euro in front. I now have a huge, gorgeous oil spot right in the middle of my headboard which I have to cover with a euro sized pillow. I could have killed him when I saw it. Do you know what removes oil from silk? I need to ask Martha. Keep the king's head off the headboard or slip it.

Great problem to have!

The black headboard with white piping is pretty sharp. I wonder if that would require less cleaning?

Keep us posted.
I can't get past the linen bedding - not to mention the dressing/drapes on the big Costello bed...comfy, worn, soft linen. Nice high drama for your room without a door :)
Anonymous said…
Love your blog...FYI WS Home's customer service stinks...especially for their price point. I ordered an upholstered headboard from them in early Aug. They advertised, "order today have it delivered in 40 days". I had to call them the end of Sept...because I hadn't heard from them...they told me there was a delay w/ the fabric and that I should have it the first week of Oct. I called again last week when I hadn't heard anything and they told me the info I was given was wrong that "they would be in contact w/ me the first week of Oct to let me know when I could expect delivery. I asked to speak to a manager..waited 20 minutes to do so...never received an apology...I promptly told them to cancel the order and that their cust. svs. was unacceptable. I probably wouldn't have had a problem if they had just kept me in the loop...a little e-mail to say sorry for the delay etc...anyway so now I too am in the market for a bed/headboard.
beachbungalow8 said…
ooh, that's very bad news. i don't have the patience for bad customer service. you all are making me bend more toward the padded headboard.
Anonymous said…
My daughter has had an upolstered headboard since she was 5, we have one too. Never a problem. You will love them and they are easy to change out he fabrics too.
Good luck.
katiedid said…
I know you will pick a winner and I know you will show us all the pick, right??? Hey, take a look at Oly Studio. Cool stuff at good price point.
Anonymous said…
Love your Blog.

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