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i was just introduced to one of the most inventive and charming blogs i've ever seen. little-people is a street art project/blog. london based slinkachu, the master behind this, takes little tiny store bought people and places them in everyday situations. after photographing them, he leaves them to interact with the 'big' world. this is when it's good to be observant. the photographs are beautiful and strange. but always fascinating and full of humor. prints are limited but can be bought through black rat press.


freefalling said…
These are magnificent.
Totally whimsical - I am completely captivated.
It reminds me a little of something I did with my sister on a paddle-pop stick.
Except in a totally amateur, dorky way.
You can see here is you want.
beachbungalow8 said…
i highly recommend everyone to jump over and check out freefalling's art work (but come right back) it's hilarious! and one of the reasons for its hilarity is that picture! so funny. thanks for sharing.
brittany said…
Those are so funny! They also kind of illustrate how I feel every day...I'm 4'10.5".
katiedid said…
These crack me up. Is that the Pope and the Devil?
beachbungalow8 said…
that's what i think those are-- the pope and the devil. i believe it's titled 'all saints'
i think i'd be totally freaked out if i looked down and saw these in front of a looming church.

brittany, your comment cracked me up! i come from small stock. i got the "tall" genes in my family (at 5'5 1/2")
Oh my god, I love this. Is it creepy that when I was a kid I wanted desperately to have a world of miniature people underfoot? Maybe not so, if doll houses were pretty much de rigeur. Great post!
beachbungalow8 said…
isn't it sort of creepy? i ALWAYS wanted there to be a minature world. i still sort of do. borrowers and what not.
Anonymous said…

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