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i've been working way too much. i can tell, because i'm not paying attention to things that are personal pleasures...such as finding new music. decorno introduced this to me and now i share it with you.

so go, hit the arrow, sit back and chillax. beautiful stuff.


I swear this song has been on repeat at our house for weeks now.
cotedetexas said…
ok, its been a few days in my car nonestop.
Decorno said…
FUCK YEAH! I came to see what you'd written about in the last two days, and I was happy you (along with Joni) gave it a listen.

The song is - - especially the pure studio-recorded album version - - like stadium rock for smart people. It's both cool and emotional, soothing and make-the-hair-on-your-neck-stand-up-ish. Three things about the song make me want to wet myself:

1) The tempo change about 40 seconds into the song is like a weird math... Brizilliant.

2) The horns. Those motherfucking brilliant horns.

3) Those lyrics. Remember the first summer you DIDN'T live with your parents and you were like, "Are you kidding me??? This freedom is for real? I am out late tonight... with friends... and the air has only kind of cooled off and it's dark and I don't have to tell anyone where I am going tonight and my friends are beautiful and that guy just might kiss me and everything is right and good in the world tonight, and above all else, tonight anything is possible."

THAT is what makes this song stadium rock for the passionate set. I fucking love it. And therefore, I love anyone else who loves it.

I never knew they played this on Letterman, so you are my hero for finding this. It made my night.

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