Wednesday, October 3, 2007

new at: john-be-still-my-beating-heart-robshaw

the, ever so fine, mr. robshaw has come out with a new crisp fresh line for fall. the java collection. as always robshaw's bedding are a beautiful complement to raoul textiles (when i use robshaw i like to use raoul for window treatments) and madeline weinrib rugs.


Alison said...

Upon getting a glimpse of Weinrib's rugs - had to remind myself to breathe.......GASP!!!

The Mandala, Song & Suzi rugs on her site are otherworldly! !

Now if I could stop my rude staring and just get on with my day.......Cheers, Alison

beachbungalow8 said...

i know it... her rugs are really some of THE best out there. she has one, that's chevron like, a stripe, it is a classic. it adds the perfect amount of graphic umph to all of these indian wood block prints.

i salivate!

Lyn Spataro said...

love it all!

Bueller said...

Love this!!

robyn said...

great fall line and the rugs are amazing...

katiedid said...

I'll have a little of this and alot of that please!

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