oraganized chaos

my iphone developed a crack in it this weekend. with no warning, i was suddenly unable to get into my "ice-phone". that to which i am addicted. the phone would ring and i couldn't answer it, emails would chime in, i couldn't check them. it was torture.
what was worse, was that i hadn't synced it with my computer for 2 weeks. which meant all of my new appointments were also trapped inside.
this is when i wonder if modern technology really is meant for all of us. i have always needed to see a page with my scribblings and notations- to wrap my head around what my day, week and month looks like.
for the past year i've been using the 'mom agenda' i know, by name alone, this won't work for a lot of you (however rachel zoe has been pictured with one.....a sure selling point for all of us). but for the rest of us, great colors, shantung finish, a few different sizes and organized by month, day and so on makes this a great organizer. mom agenda
of course kate spade is synonymous these days with urban modern, youthfulness. and they've pulled it off with their expected aplomb a kicky little version of the day timer.
you can buy the refillable inserts with these binder models. making them a little more economical. i personally, need a new one each year. i get bored with the looks after that. kate spade
russell + hazel has always had great binders and organizing things. i love the simplicity and the great colors of their product. clean graphic no fluff. they too carry the whole line of inserts so you can customize it and re-use it each year. russell + hazel (i think i might name my next two dogs russell and hazel-great names)
and the dear sisters of hable construction, are ALWAYS noteworthy and stylish. i saw these at urbanic in venice, when i was ordering my wedding invites. i'm still on the fence and may go back and get one.
hable construction i just don't know which one i'd choose. on an end note. the geniuses at the mac bar, declared my broken face (my iphone) to be a malfunction on the phone's part. and they swiftly replaced it. however, i think i'm going to continue to use a desk calendar. it's the only way i can remember anything these days.


Anonymous said…
*I* use the mom agenda....that I actually received at a Rachel Zoe-hosted event!!!

She had pink ones in the goodie bags. I am in love with mine!

And thank you for reminding me to get a new one. January will be here before we know it!
cotedetexas said…
is it geared only for mom things or business things or what? I love the fushcia one. Should I get it? oh great teacher of mine.
beachbungalow8 said…
yes c.d.t.--it's a great looking and really functional organizer. and it's priced really reasonably ( i think around 40)

there is a section in the back for your favorite books, movies, parties you've been to or are pending. but i never use that stuff. also an address book. too much work for me. i love the way it looks and the ability to see it all in front of me.

kerith, you have a fun life! i think i need to hang out with you.

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