did you ever hear that urban myth that went something like, ' i knew someone who named their baby orangejello'-pronounced oranjalo? and please don't tell me that you really do know someone (like my friend heather once said). because, really? you don't. it's an urban myth.
.....'tis the season for a little oranjalo, orange crush, orange-ya-glad lovin'.


Stephanie said…
ahhah...that's SO funnny about the names...I actually subbed at a inner city school where there were two twin boys who mother was from the cape verdean islands, english being her second language. She named them orangelo and lemongelo...swear. They were in my class!
franki durbin said…
yes, and I'm just so tired of people saying it happened to their friend's friend ;)

I love the color orange...but not enough to name my offspring after the hue ;)
Pigtown*Design said…
we have someone where i work named aquanetta - just like the hairspray. it's scary.
beachbungalow8 said…
stephanie. NUH_UH! you did NOT. seriously, first hand. you knew someone. come ON! seriously?

fairfax. shut up. seriously that about takes the cake. aquanNETTA? wtf? my mom almost named me walis after walis simpson (thank you lord jesus)

ok, here's a take the cake-er. i knew a girl in college named precious peoples. she looked like a young nell carter.

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