peace out~homeward bound

i'm going 'home' to sf. my sister's art is being inducted into the de young museum's permanent collection. a really big deal. i'm more than proud. so i'm bowing out for the week. peace out and all that. have a lovely weekend.
photo courtesy of olivelife


Anonymous said…
nice blog... i like your pictures. I like the contrast in this shot. please visit my photoblog too, good luck.. keep posting beautiful pictures
Anonymous said…
call me while you're here M!
That's amazing! Tell your sis congrats!
beachbungalow8 said…
rob-you know i will! we want to see you guys!xxoo

style- so amazing. all of my siblings are incredibly, creatively gifted and so are my parents.
this is not boasting, it's just the way it is.

i'll make sure to take photos.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - I'd love to see pieces of your sister's work. Also, agree about "fiance", as with "boyfriend," some terms come with an expiration date. The French costumes are fabulous. We are having what my middle son is calling "cheap halloween." After his request for the $75 Star Wars costume, I launched into the dreaded, "When I was a kid..." and declared they use their imagination (of all things) and not my credit card, and come up with something on their own. Now we have ghost, skeleton and Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbs. So wish I had a ghost bride - and don't worry - she's either oblivious or intentionally trying to freak you out. Ignore either way. Happy trip.
beachbungalow8 said…
mrs. b- i will absolutely takes photos. and fiance. fee-ahn- say. i can't do it. it's so queer.

the boy friend word is REALLY ridiculous to say. i feel like i might live in a trailer park, smoke pall malls and scream at my kids through the screen door. (ok that last part is actually accurate)
Have a great time!!! And tell your sis congrats, cause that is a big deal.

Unknown said…
A big congratulations to you sister. Quite an accomplishment to be very proud of. Nice that you could be there with her.
wow u have a nice blog!!!!really

mine is very new!

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