last week i had the opportunity to stage a new home designed by architect james meyer of
lean/arch in los angeles. meyer's designs are all green built and they're gorgeous. this one sits a few blocks up from the beach. meyer's vision for who might live in this home, was a young, single (uh. and making bank-2.4 million price tag), surfer, who might live here on the weekends. the entire house opens via stacking glass doors. from both floors the view spans from catalina island to malibu. it's absolutely breath taking.
here are some shots of what we brought in.
when we shop for our stock (we have a warehouse space filled with everything , dishes, armoires, sofas,beds, art, lamps etc. we bargain hunt like crazy.
we employ prop stylist methods such as using same colored books for a color block effect, interesting bits to create a story. we shop at target (that apple on the books) we pull photos from magazines and blow them up (surfer magazine are where many of these are from) i love covering a group of books in an interesting fabric for a blitz of color. i will tell you, kicks all ass. the two twin beds here were 150.00 a piece. they're beautiful. simple, low a lovely dark wood. from indonesia. they also area a great resource for sea grass area rugs.
mind you, staging is a bit different than interior design. it's a bit of set production but
at the same time your job is not to pull the eye toward the interior design but rather complement the architecture. our intention was to keep it simple but interesting.
i haven't taken shots of the kitchen yet. the workers were still up there (it's on the top floor) finishing up the little details. i'll take some this week.


Anonymous said…
Very nice - simple, feng shui, spare and it allows a sort of unfettered and uncluttered appreciation for the architecture (and I'm sure the view as well). Well done, Lady!
Great job Megan!!!! Looks great :)
Style Court said…
Megan, now with your explanation I totally get the clean-lined look you were going for. The architecture really remains the focus but you made it inviting. All the soft green works so well. Good job!
Anonymous said…
That is my dream house complete with my dream interiors! I'll take it! Wait--I don't have a spare 2.4 mil. Crumb.
beachbungalow8 said…
style court: yep. there's a 'science' (if i can act so lofty about something so silly) to the method. and while you want to over-do and design the heck out of it. you have to refrain from that.
franki durbin said…
I really like the upright, weathered surfboard... so SoCal... but the grouping of green-spined books is a nice idea. What an interesting way to color block a shelf!
Mrs. Blandings said…
It looks great - you can see your "stamp" for sure, without overwhelming. I bet it's hard to reign yourself in sometimes.
Anonymous said…
I love it Megan, great job !
omg, this looks AMAZING! You did such a great job! I want to move in RIGHT NOW!!
crabapple said…
Thanks for these wonderful ideas...I have a townhome that has been rented and will soon be sitting empty, that I need to sell, in a bad real estate market. I have been thinking about doing some staging in it, and dreading some of the work and expense of that. I am going to move some things from my own home ( temporarily of course), and you have given me some great ideas for the rest. Thanks!! Wish me luck...
cotedetexas said…
I hope I don't send this twice, P, but I love it - the beds look great and I adore the green spreads. And I love all the green books, I've really never thought of that before but it's such a great styling trick. Thanks!!!! And is that your surfboard? You be a good styler, girl.

laure said…
This looks great! I can hardly get my tiny one bedroom together and you pull together a mansion in a week. And make it look easy. I;m hooked, tell me your secrets.
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks you guys! wow! that surf board was purchased for $100.00 from 'the antique corral' in redondo beach (which is a bit much, but we needed it for the space-new boards are around 600.00) total old lady antique shop.

laure- it helps that we have a blank canvas to begin with and zero emotional attachment to anything.

in other words, we don't 'have' to bring in that old piece because it belonged to our great aunt in winnipeg (or whatever)

we, literally, go into our warehouse and go through grabbing. sometimes we purchase for the space. in this case, the two twin beds and the bedding were new purchases.

the beds are from (150.00 a piece) and the (super cheap).

we saw a photo of a green and gray space and loved it. so we set out to duplicate the color palette.

the wood has a lot of red in it and the adjacent tiles are a lovely, mossy green. so these colors worked perfectly.

above all, we just keep it simple. super simple with a few unexpected pieces thrown in for humor.

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