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today- i spent the better half in beverly hills. weaving my way in and out of barney's, saks, the other saks, nieman's and back to barney's. the wilshire walk for wedding dresses. and in the end i came out with, 7 celebrity sightings (linda evangalista looks her age, bridgitte moynahan is way taller than i thought-and that baby is really cute), a new perfume (which i'll probably never wear) new lippage (yummy lip gloss-smells great, not too sticky) and thankfully, walked away without owning those $500.00 gucci ballet flats (keeping focused) the dresses out there just are NOT happening for me. also, why are all of the women who work in these gown departments from eastern europe? and a tiny bit stern. and need estrogen supplements.
(i like all of the following dresses for a lot of reasons........
....but i also don't like any of these dresses for various reasons)
i don't want to look like 'pretty, pretty princess'. nor do i want the whole sexy bride look. i want a dress that's not too precious in material - as i'll be traipsing through the sand bare foot. but nothing that looks home made or like toilet paper. (and YES i'm wearing white---mind your manners!)
(how about the bridal cowboy hat trend of yore? what designer was laughing his ass off at that one? it was usually paired with the lace turtle neck dress )i want something that's age appropriate but not too, cougar-caught-herself-a-winner, looking. so i'm left with this. i need to design my own....and find someone who can execute.
off to F&S on pico. F&S is the old packed and dusty fabric trove in los angeles. small space but huge, great selections, everything under the sun. and i found it!!!! the fabric that is going to become the dress........a hint? it's bamboo. that's right. the fabric is made of bamboo.


Kate said…
Good lord woman, you have excellent taste! Love those dresses, I'm sure you'll look stunning in any one of them.
I love, love, love the dress on the top right. That's the one.
You are an effin' genious! Bamboo is sooooooo awesome. What little I know is that has this great drape, which it what I know your aftah.

Cannot wait to see the finished product.

(and now I can name drop and product drop...'my friend, an LA designer, is wearing bamboo for her wedding')
Mrs. Blandings said…
I have no doubt that it will be fabulous.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you for your votes of confidence. i'm kind of nervous about this. i'm not a dress designer.

liberty, if you check back (which i rarely do after commenting) which one? the empire waist? with the giant dots? my fear is it may be too "nightie" looking.

my fave is that first one. i am narrow so this would give me some shoulder. but it may not be beachy enough.

b.b.- i had never heard of bamboo! the lovely gay-dude at F&S gave me this idea. and you're right it falls and moves beautifully. has weight and is a bit more elegant than linen.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - don't miss Decorno's post from yesterday - on subject, and hilarious.
Jordan Cappella said…
Hey Darling,

Sounds like a fun day. I can't wait to see the fabric.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you dear jordan~!

mrs. b- i went back and read that.that girl slays me. i love her humor.
Style Court said…
thanks for taking us along on the ride :)
Unknown said…
Love them all but the top one is a stunner! Can't wait to see how the Bamboo turns out - chic and yet so green!
Anonymous said…
Nice post Megan, I really like the beachy strapless dress. really natural and pretty.
You are so smart to have it made yourself. So interested to see what your plans are.
katiedid said…
LOVING the first two gowns. Can't wait to see the final decision. Have a great time with all the planning!
I'm off to read Decorno.
katiedid said…
LOVING the first two gowns. Can't wait to see the final decision. Have a great time with all the planning!
I'm off to read Decorno.
MW said…
I'm getting married at the beach as well and totally in love with the Reem Acra dress on the bottom right. I was thinking of having a dress made as well, since this dress is out of my budget, but not sure if it would be more expensive to have it custom made or complicate matters. Any advise? I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely dress! Good luck!
beachbungalow8 said…
micaela, i saw that one that you were talking about at neiman's. it's really beautiful. the real one is made out of a really heavy, silk. so to me...the fabric wasn't beachy enough. i am thinking that maybe it could be done in a bamboo or linen and the embelleshments can be added. it is beautiful though.

and as far as pricing goes, 4-6 yards of fabric for the whole thing and linen runs around 8-10 dollars a yd then labor cost (which i can't imagine would be huge) in the end...way cheaper to have it made.

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