'we're number one'... all of us!

recently the design blog home rejuvination held a...... contest? ran a poll? how do you say it.
they asked people to vote for their favorite blog. or the blog they felt was the most informative and inspirational in the design world. the top 10 winners were certainly no surprise and all well deserved (congrats to you all!).
HOWEVER. i will say this to everyone. this poll thing means nothing. it was more or less like a parlor game. i say this not because i wasn't a chosen one..... but because i dont' want it to dampen any spirits or discourage. there are so many, many amazing blogs out there. it must have been a close call.
this blogging? this thing we do here? is an expression of our creativity. it's not right or wrong. not better or worse. i believe each of us has our own unique neighborhood of readers who find a friend in our 'voice' who connect with our sensibility and aesthetic.
collage from ms-mod on flickr
and dammit....we love you! so please all of you, keep up what you're doing. if you're enjoying it, so are we. ask other bloggers for advice and bloggers help those who are considering starting their own. check out new blogs from time to time. there's infinite room for everyone here. so cheers to all of us! i'm so proud to be a part of this generous, explosive, creative group.
in the mean time, check out the interviews with the 'winners' and get inspired!


kate (pm) said…
I absolutley agree with your post! :)
Leah said…
Thanks, Megan.

I *was* feeling a little bummed -- not about not making the "10 Most Influential" or "10 New Blogs to Watch" lists, which I never in a million years would have expected to -- just about the whole "left out of the popular group *again*" aspect of it all ...


Ugh, I feel horrible about the whole popularity thing. Takes me back to junior high when I dreaded the choosing of teams in P.E. Yuck.

I hate ratings and voting and all that. I agree it means very little, not that any of the winners didn't deserve recognition, but it doesn't mean that there are not others equally or more deserving. I don't even like Rate My Space (I have written all about that on my blog) because who in the world is voting on your room anyways? Really! Do we care?

Although I do feel honored by the people who voted for me (whoever they were???) and I want to be gracious in receiving that gift and recognizing the people on it (as well as the host of the poll), I know there are many more talented bloggers out there. I don't feel I deserve to be on any list with all the amazing design talent out there!

I just came to say I love your blog. I come to people like you to learn and be inspired! I really mean it. Keep up the good work!
marthalena said…
Well, I voted for you! You're loved!!
beachbungalow8 said…
well, martha---what can i say! thank you!!! it always feels good to know you're being read. i don't need an award. just knowing that others are 'feelin' my thoughts works.
beachbungalow8 said…
leah. this is why i felt the need to write this. good lord girl. you're an amazing and lauded writer. one of the few of us who is actually in the industry.

this just 'goes to show' ya know? i think our success is based not on our traffic or who deems us a success. but really (and i'm about to sound like , bertie, my mom) but how much fun we're having with this
dianamuse said…
Such generosity and encouragement - two of the reasons I love your blog!! (BTW, really enjoyed the *staged* post.)
Jane Flanagan said…
I think you're completely correct. And I was a little wishful-thinking about it too. Until, that is, I realized that when I started blogging it was a way of creating my own virtual scrapbook of things I love. The community aspect was not something I dwelled on at the outset, and while I love comments on my posts, I'd post even if there are none...
beachbungalow8 said…
jane flanagan! see? i love your blog! you're the trader joe's blog. who doesn't need that lovely blog. i refer to it at least weekly.

and diana,thank you for letting me know you're 'here' i love you blog. i'm adding you to my list.
Sparkie said…
The way I look at it is that it's sort of an artificial way to spread the wealth of other design blogs. I came to your site months ago from someone else's blog (SFGBB if memory serves). I saw the results of this poll on one of my other daily spots. I already visited about half of the "winners" and checked out the rest. Some I liked, some were just not me. I think it's more about bringing the quirky design blog world to the people who would love it if they knew it existed. Yes?
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i totally agree with that. i just feel like, based on some emails, that it bummed a lot of people out. and it shouldn't it is a great way to 'meet' new blogs. that i agree with.

and i think, all of us will sort through it and see what we like. it's SO subjective. my guess, too, is that anyone who voted would be more like minded to begin with.

i just don't want anyone to feel discouraged by their expression or efforts.

we're all creative. all of us. it just comes in different forms. and i want everyone to feel acknowledged for their personal, putting it out there-ness.

ok, now i'm the rambler.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - thanks for this - it's a lovely perspective.

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