Monday, December 3, 2007

favorite finds from seacloth

i love the happy feel of a little seacloth in december. sort of like sending your holiday stress level on a bit of a, fun-cocktails-by-the-pool, moment. 
 18" pillow $110.00
bureau box $165.00signature apron (this print is so great) $36.00
add some *pow* to your space. kick it up a notch or two... same as above pillow. $110.00 
 this so great. what a perfect holiday hostess gift. (and it comes with lucite tongs!! i wouldn't give this away if i bought it!)
pretty letter holder. would make a pretty wallpaper print. $50.00 . sort of beats my silver toast holder. 
 these would look great with just about any style of china, pottery, you name it. sleek, organic and modern. love. $325.00 per place setting.
  every household needs a good 'birthday tray' beautiful breakfast in bed tray for the ones you love. $135.00
  seacloth, 'it's a good thing'


Alkemie said...

I just noticed that you call your blog roll "Blog Crushes." That is so cute and inventive! This was a fun post. I have thing for sea shells.


Alison said...

Hello BB8,
Oh, about a year ago, do you remember seeing the HB spread featuring her (Seacloth founder Susan Harris') crib on Long Island Sound? Oh, and there was another peek in 11/07 Trad Home.
Crisp & fresh.....kinda like December snow on the beach......Cheers, Alison

girl meets glamour said...

um, how cute is that ice bucket! Great post!


Style Court said...

that red gypsy print pillow is my fave :)

KJ said...

You do find some very beautiful and unique things! Good eye!


anne said...

I'm in love with the ice bucket. In love. Don't tell Trainer; he'll be jealous.

midcenturyjo said...

My favourite ebay fabric seller has a couple of pieces of Seacloth fabric at the moment .... here and here.

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