Friday, December 14, 2007

jewlery resource needed

i love these earrings for my beach wedding.
does anyone know where i might find something like this? i can't even find the name of this artist to give her credit. it's allison something. if you recognize her work, let me know. i have remedial jewelery making skills and i think if i could find the right, findings, that i could make these. any ideas?


Alison said...

Those drippy, shimmery earrings are otherworldly! !
Pade Vavra makes a pair of gold coral branch with a singe seed pearl earrings......they are on then click on "Pade Vavra"

BUT, you must visit and browse - positively breathtaking baubles! !
The diamond pearl nest ring...the antler cuff....the essential I must go have a moment alone. Cheers, Alison

Mrs. Blandings said...

Megan - they are perfect - one of my good friends just moved to SF and recommended I check out Manika. They have pieces on line, but you have to call to purchase. Good luck!

Alison said...

The stars are aligned.......So, it happens that Wrights in Manhatten Beach (!!) carries Pade Vavra collection.
I cannot erase that nest ring from my brain - "customize the nest for your family" how fab is that?!?!?
.....Cheers again, Alison

beachbungalow8 said...

alison, you're awesome!
wrights is a great shop. and it's right around the corner.

she carries all the great lines around here (but is very unsupportive of the girls who have worked for her and then gone out on their own as designers)but she has good stuff. undoubtedly.

i will totally go check out her jewelry.

thank you!

Sarah said...


I adore your blog. While I don't know where you can find there earrings exactly, check out Mabel Chong ( I'm thinking the Ocelot earrings on her site. I also know she does custom stuff, so you could send her your picture.
I'm in Providence and a local jeweler here, Rebecca Brenner, also does cutom stuff and while there are no earrings shown on her site ( I was at her "trunk show" last week and she has some BEAUTIFUL drippy pieces, I am sure she could e-mail you pictures.
My last thought is Fragments in NYC which has a website and features tons of amazing jewelry designers (
Hope that helps...can't wait to see more details from your wedding!


beachbungalow8 said...

i know of manika...thank you!! i had forgotten about them.

sarah, i love mabel chong's stuff. i have looked at fragments now off to look at rbrenner.

thank you, all, for your input!

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