Thursday, December 6, 2007


in life, there are blinkers and there are doers. the blinkers have great ideas. they talk about them. they throw them out there. but when it comes time to do-it. they just sit there and blink. (the doers, have great ideas too, but they're unstoppable)
london's master stylist ilse crawford,, is a DOER (big caps) it is said that she single hand-idly, blew the dust off of stuffy british interiors and introduced modern furnishings. crawford, might be one of the most prolific designers of our time. the woman is one of those, off the hook, power-packs that you just sort of stand, slacked jawed in awe of.
books, magazines, product design, visual design, interior design. (i need roller skate to keep up with you ilse) what doesn't she do??
of course it's difficult to write a short post on someone this busy. so let's get started...on to the juice...
i mentioned books? right. she's written not just one but 3 (correct me if there's more) and they're all considered to be fabulous.
and of course her studio is going to be totally rad. look at that rug and the chair....(sort of putting the gar-office to shame)
and at the end of the day, squeeze in a little product design in, why don't cha. why the heck not! look how well it works with that stunning wallpaper you designed for christopher farr!
oh come on now, there are 24 whole hours in a day! 7 days in a week...don't stop now! go design some interiors here's the thing i find with her work, it's not one definitive style. i don't see one obvious influence.
i mean, everyone copies. but the art is to do it your way so that it becomes distinguishably yours. as though the original intent has been morphed into something entirely new.
you still with me? ok...let's move along....
now, see, here's a good example. yes there are some features we all love (the marble etc). but i adore the muted palette and the simple, simple lines. no, gratuitous beveling on the drawers. the only carved wood is on the fluted column. which in turn makes the gentle curve, just noble and perfect on its own. and i super love those brass fixtures with it all (not to mention that wheel o' cheese is a lovely styling prop. beats an enormous clam shell)
and we're walking, and we're walking...lot's to see here folks......want that bed! and what designer doesn't love this? often this is the point at which we get called in. i think a client would have my head if i suggested that we, leave all of her attempts at color picking, and 'just design around it' although, it looks cool if you can get away with it. i'm so sold on this emerald green with geometric blacks and dark woods along side a good carrara marble. it's full proof in achieving that 21 club, sophisticated, vintage slinky vibe. and this concludes our tour......thanks for keeping with me through it all. still want more? go here: studioilse


robyn said...

This is a great post Megan!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thought I was a doer - turns out, I'm a blinker. Whoa. That marble floor in the last image brings tears to my eyes. That is one for the file, for sure.

Pink Wallpaper said...

thanks for sharing this with us! i love the last image w/ the black and white floor and pops of kelly green. and i am totally getting into the brass hardware...

Carolina Eclectic said...
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