Tuesday, January 29, 2008

painting a day- abbey ryan

i love this gal's work. abbey ryan, a painter from Philadelphia, creates one oil painting a day and has been doing so since last September (2007)
they're the perfect treasure size (most are around 5" x 6" but some are as small as 2" x 3"). little delectable morsels of art. in that i mean, the perfect size to perch leaned against books on a bookcase, a tiny jewel waiting to be discovered. or maybe placed on plate stand , to sit upon a pile of your favorite coffee table books.
she sells her work on her site ryan studio. and I'm sorry to say that a couple of these are already sold.....
but hey! tomorrow's another day.


Style Court said...

Love the bowl.

dianamuse said...

Oh, these are wonderful. Delectable morsels, indeed.

Jane Flanagan said...

These are amazing! Thanks!

anne said...

Goddamn, can that lady paint. Remember how we used to talk about your heart hurting a little, as an artist, when someone else's work is beyond fabulous? Well, mine is hurtin' all over the place this morning.

beachbungalow8 said...

style court, and i am not pulling your leg, i thought of you the instant i saw this. do you have a bowl like this?

i know it. these are totally to cry to. they're such perfection.

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