Thursday, February 14, 2008

yearbook blogger party! bring it

erin at design for mankind is hosting a blogger yearbook party. a visual compendium of bloggers with their present and past visages. vintage pictures and current photos sent by you (if you are a blogger) will be compiled into a virtual yearbook.
mmhmm. that's home gurl and her man. Tanorexia in full swing
Here's what she needs from you: An old high school yearbook photo (can include senior portraits, 'voted most likely to...'s and anything you don't find potentially incriminating). A current portrait photo (can be self portrait, but do your best to make the shot clear and hi-res) Your vote for Blogging Homecoming Queen and King (among others: class clown, best dressed and most likely to succeed).
can't wait to see this.


Jessicas Follie said...

I remember that tan with bronzer. I didn't know it was shiny until years later when I looked at pictures. And at what age did we stop having long fingernails? No wonder my mother thought I never did any work. Still love that pink polish.

beachbungalow8 said...

rubiglow. the whole shebang in one little terracotta pot. i think this WAS my summer of rubiglow.

we worked. sort of. didn't we?

Jessicas Follie said...

Wasn't it Indian Earth? blush, foundation, lipstick, nail polish all in one little pot with a big fluffy ball for an applicator. I still remember the sad sad day that they discontinued it because it was so bad for the skin. Probably caused cancer as well.

Yes, we worked, I, at a country club and you at The Limited. Nothing manual or dirty like my life now. We should have worked at Jacks. Though, I guess we weren't really old enough though were we.

Was the polish "a rose is a rouge" or was that the perfect lipstick color. I just remember calling it "the basic pink."

I bet I could find Indian Earth on ebay if I looked.........

Mrs. Blandings said...

I did have a little Indian Earth phase. Who's the cutie? Other than you.

SGM said...

I remember Indian Earth too! And yeah, your boyfriend was h-o-t.

beachbungalow8 said...

he was hot. and that was about it. poor guy. mrs. blandings, nobody you'd ever know (rockhurst jock). i sort of cringe when i look at this picture.

i'm pretty sure i have the indian earth on my nails too. i probably just stuck my head into it like a bear with her honey.

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