Tuesday, March 18, 2008

jan von holleben

.....is not only fun to say but is also the name of this insanely talented photographer
german born jan von holleben, has such great sense of whimsy and humor to his work. how can you not love this stuff.


JanelleGrace said...

I came across these photos the other day and I am so happy to be reminded of them! I love them.

In(side) the Loop said...

Stunning work! Thanks for sharing...

and I'm SO glad you're back! You look so beautiful in those pics from Italy.

girl meets glamour said...

Super cute!!


Pigtown-Design said...

Found these on Photojojo... hysterical. i would love to do these with my nieces and nephews

robyn said...

Fantastic photos Megan, loved your hat and tenny's. Wonderful of you to show an 'american in
Italy', great contrast to today and yet so the same... xoxo

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