Friday, March 28, 2008


you have a bunch of cool tchotchkes that you've found here and there over the years. maybe a an errant bead from a necklace you loved, a button, a vintage wooden spool of thread.
you don't want to throw them away because something seems sort of magical about them. the possibilities. the uniqueness. their own little micro-world. a small bouquet of paper faded, fabric flowers, perfect for a fairy-bride. vintage cut outs, too quirky to get rid of. so they sit in a drawer. waiting to be called on.
kerry pitt-hart aka lushbella has taken her 'little' collection of treasures and created beautiful still life photographs.
'i began pulling a bunch of trinkets together and arranged them on our too tiny coffee table, and the left them there for days because i didn't want to put them away'
running out of space, she decided to photograph them, so that she wouldn't forget what they looked like together. the result are these beautiful, quiet compositions. i love how they feel gentle and thoughtful at once.
available on etsy, each is printed on archival paper and are accompanied by a signed and dated, hand-typed (type writer, 'typed') label on the back. she makes pretty amazing jewelry as well, but that's a whole other post. you can check it *here*


crabapple said...

I love these too...I have the "without you I am nothing" print in my guest bath. People always comment on it.

Felicia said...

Beautiful collections :)

beachbungalow8 said...

crab a.

lucky! i'm sold. now it's which one!

Jessie said...

I just came across lushbella a few days ago using the "local" feature on Etsy, and she is SO talented. I spent so long trying to figure out which print I wanted, and THEN I discovered her jewelry and I'm even more torn than before! I want to buy it all! Keep it up, Kerry!

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