Monday, March 24, 2008

picture light

i've always been a bit intrigued by those vintage bar, pendant lights with the little scene slowly rolling by. the little canoe, a few geese flying by, pine trees, the happy little canoe at a camp site, a few more geese, the canoe again, the geese, the tent, etc. over an over, to the hum of the motor and the crackingly of the plastic film as it rolls around the light. sort of peek into the nicotine stained micro world of a miniature camper. unfortunately, unless i was creating a set or a kitch, retro-hip bar for a single guy, i can see no reason to buy or own one of these beauties.
that's why when i came across andreaclairelighting i instantly lit up. beautiful, sophisticated and, btw, i want one now.
"In 2005 Andrea Claire launched andreaclaire- lighting with the a lamp she made using photos from a weekend trip up-state. The original idea was to create a modernist inspired, surprising, cool-looking pendant lamp that brings a little taste nature inside. The line has grown since then- now in its third incarnation the lamps have become more like panoramas- they are slimmer, have a slightly wider diameter, have varied exterior materials, and use photos from trips as far afield as Costa Rica, Italy, and Switzerland."
get it? the photos she takes are super imposed onto the inside of the drum shade and hung pendant style (or sometimes on a lamp) creating these lovely ethereal, pieces of art and light. the bonus part? sky's the limit. custom pieces are welcome.


Pigtown-Design said...

These are great... my housemate in Wales made a lampshade from pix of the kids... it was printed on velum and clipped over the light.

Fun Finds For Mom said...

What memories that Hamm's light brought back! We had that very one on our back patio for years when I was a kid. Now I'm heading to eBay to see if any are available.

pendant lights said...

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beachbungalow8 said...

cool idea pigstown! that's fanastic.

pendant lights. very astute observation by you.

my ex actually had a few of these in his 'lounge' which was the only room relegated to him (it happened to be in the basement) poor guy.

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