Friday, April 18, 2008

gimme a break

i heard it was 40 and gray in wisconsin last weekend. STILL. my god people, are any of you not in the fetal position rocking back and forth? enough with this winter thing. we get it. don't you think you deserve a few days of dry heat and quiet breeze next to a still pool? maybe bring some friends, maybe just a good book.....yes. you do.
here's a great little bone that was thrown my way. the modern hideaway in palm springs. this home has been restored, beautifully, to it's original mid century vibe, in the HOT desert of palm springs. (if you live in l.a., i'm very picky, and this place is killah. you've got to check it out for your next trip out there)
i can tell you, from experience, there are really only a handful of great places to stay in palm springs. this is , fo sho, one of them. imagine getting a group of your friends together for a week or a weekend here. and here's your blogger bro deal....mention the blogger discount and you'll get 15% off


Pravina Studio said...

Having lived through the winter in Madison, WI I must admit that any glimmer of warm sunshine practically makes me cry tears of joy...

Leah said...

I'm still nursing my bruised ego from having NOT been invited to your little only-the-cool-blogging-girls getaway there.




beachbungalow8 said...

hey if only to console you...i think i was B listed. : )

i still think as many of us we can pull together, should meet out there for and early fall gathering. some can stay at this fabulous house and the rest of us can stay at korakia, which is right around the corner.

Alison said...

Frozen in the fetal position is more like it.....afraid if I start rocking I'll crack.

Snow under the trees here on the eastern shore of Wisconsin with the occasional rogue-n-frigid Nor'easter blastin off Lake Michigan across my lawn.

From halfway cross country the Palm Springs crib looks like a mirage..........

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