Wednesday, April 23, 2008


handcrafted, unusual and beautiful animal bowls by dutch artist, hella jongerius


Alison said...

The hippos wrinkles make me want to pet him.
Those pert ears & mile long gams on that fawn....just right.
Every nuance is caught in these, WOW!

For a DoubleDutch treat visit this:

Jessie said...

LOVE. Especially the hippo. It looks like he's eating the corn in the dish. Too cute.

chloe van paris said...

i loeve the deer.I love your blog
do you want to share link with me ?
have a look to my french art@fashion blog.

anne said...

I'm in love.

Joslyn said...

these are so beautiful. i saw them first hand a while back at the Nymphenberg store in Munich...they are even more beautiful in person!

Alice said...

this is really cool !

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