Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just....no. please, not again

i know i'm getting old because, i'm at that age where i'm starting to see trends recycle. but, kids, this one is bad. trust, aunt megan on this. bad, bad, bad. i did this one. they didn't really look cool then. and, you know what? i kinda knew it (like i knew that asymmetrical bob was sort of a poor choice). but i went ahead and cashed in my month's wages from the limited on a pair of red ones. and then cranked up my UB40 cassette, and drove around with the top down all 'cool 'n shit'. woo hoo!
tasteful people of the blog world, be on alert:
i've just driven through the beverly hills/west hollywood area and saw no fewer than 10 GROUPS of people in the 20 something range, sporting this 'new' trend--and in WHITE no less. *sigh*, i wish my demographics were a bit more relevant. but to those of you out there that know what i'm talking about....this is truly one recycled trend that i promise you, you need to put down now and move away from....quickly. perhaps if you so need to regurgitate the 80s, something a little less bad.....like a toni home perm and some stirrup pants would work for you.


Ann said...

Hi Brooke Shields,
ub40, stirrup pants...too funny!! I think we were born on the same day in the same year! Can't wait to read more.

beachbungalow8 said...

i owned the 'brooke book'.

between wanting to look like/be brooke shields and wanting to sing like andrea mcardle (the first annie) i was your typical, lost adolescent of the 80s

thanks for stopping by...and cracking me up.

Hooked on Houses said...

This is too funny. I got married when these were popular the first time around, and our best man and maid of honor presented us with matching RayBans--white for the bride, black for the groom. We still have them. Maybe I should pull them out so we can look hip again! (Or not.) -Julia

mary said...

THANK YOU. This trend is ugly and irritating. I'm just waiting for heart sunglasses to start being the next "big thing". Watch.

thestamfordwife said...

Oh, gag me with a spoon! Those can't be making a come back?? What's next? The Aqua Net "waterfall" bangs?

katiedid said...

HA! I used to work at the Limited also.....back in the days when they were "it". OMG stirrup pants....the 80's were just a fashion mistake decade. I look at my wedding pictures and my kids just laugh at the big hair with even higher bangs. Ugh.

S.HOPtalk said...

Searching for my white frosted lipstick and reminiscing about my retail days at Contempo Casual...

KricketM said...

I thought jellies were the worst shoes on the planet and they're BACK! What the...???

Jerolyn said...

This line freaking cracked me up~

all 'cool 'n shit'

cuz that's like "Totally" what you'd say while wearing those bad boys!!! haha.

beachbungalow8 said...

jellies make your feet slimy. every few years somebody thinks we'll fall for that little joke (so cheap to make-cha ching!)

midwest chic said...

I'm sure that her stone mountain purse was just left out of the picture.

I'm not sure if you made me crack up or cringe. Either one goes well with my morning coffee.

Anonymous said...

HELLO? They have been popular since the 50s. Kennedy wore them. I've been wearing the tortoise-shell green lens ones since dirt was in diapers. If you never STOP wearing them and you don't pay attention trends....they never went out of style.

beachbungalow8 said...

halycon...YOU are absolutely right. because in this vein, they're not a trend. i suppose i speak to the masses who suddenly make these appear in small herds on the corner of melrose and la cienega.

and tortoise shell with the green lenses? bring em! that's not the same as the recently ubiquitous white framed ones seen EVERYwhere suddenly.

no matter, you have style, that's why you've been wearing them, timelessly.

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