Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pottery barn does robshaw and weinrib

have you been in a pottery barn recently?
john robshaw poppy quilt and pillow, pottery barn ikat pillow
madeline weinrib brooke orange pottery barn moorish tile rug,
wow. way to have no shame p.b.


Mrs. Blandings said...

I've had this post bouncing around in my head ever since I got the last catalogue. I'm so conflicted. I get it, there are mass marketers, but geez. I felt the same way with Restoration and the Spitzmiller lamps.

beachbungalow8 said...

you know, just like with hallmark, p.b. has made some artisans really mad by doing exactly this. there's a guy in north beach (sf) who has a sign asking that pottery barn employees not come into his store.

years ago, he found a lot of porcelain letters at an auction. a few months later, pb produced their 'own' resin version of the same thing. he remembered when the scouts came in, they asked to take photos and he unwittingly allowed it.

the unfortunate thing is that the, pb, ikat isn't done very well. terrible, saturated colors. too graphic.

dumbed down.

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