Tuesday, April 22, 2008

that girl

the other day, i was asked who my fashion inspiration was.
why anyone would even be remotely moved to ask this question, is beyond me. mostly, because i seem to be lacking one as of late. maybe this said person, was going to kindly, slip me a little piece of paper with a name on it. drawing me in closely, saying, in a stage whisper, 'you should give her a call' and then closing my hand around the paper, patting it for safe keeping. 'call her. she can help'
and maybe, just maybe as i unfurled my sweaty little hand, inside was a slip of paper with the name 'liebemarlene' . liebe what?
liebemarlene is the flickr handle of the enigmatic 20 something year old (that i stalk regularly on flickr), rhiannon. i'm absolutely intrigued with her. this girl, is one of the most talented stylists, i've seen in awhile. i don't care if you're into vintage clothing or not (i, personally, can't do the vintage smells but i love the look) she's got something going on that doesn't come along often. check her out: can we have a moment with those shoes and those tights???
at first, i thought, easily this person is in the fashion industry. she must be the front man of several designers and stylists. but doing a little more sluething i found out that she lives/lived in a small town outside of chicago. which makes it that much better.
after going to a small christian college in the midwest, and having a penchant for dressing in vintage (her version of rebelling) she broke out of her office job and started a full time ebay store selling her finds. look at her. killer combos. she's total rock star status with the clothes (great hair too) i just know creative directors at anthro, marc jacobs, etc. are also stalking her.
as i stood, in my juicy sweats , hard tail pants , running clothes, hanging on the open refrigerator door, pondering the question posed, i realized this: people like rhiannon inspire me. it's all about owning the look after all. self express, have fun and run with it.
if you feel like doing a little stalking on your own check out her constantly updated flickr site, her blog, her my space profile and finally~ pick up some of these pieces on her ebay shop.


Mrs. Blandings said...

I can't manage the scent of vintage either. Darn. And congratulations, and thank you, for a year of posting. You are a joy to read.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly. I'm sitting here in my worn old jeans, Old Navy white tee shirt, sweatshirt and fuzzy socks (because my feet are always cold) feeling inspired and yes, more than a little ashamed.

Great find!

Pravina Studio said...

Such great outfits. And I love the feel of the photos. Off to check out her Flickr site...

Judith HeartSong said...

yep, it is always about the inspiration. I visually search every morning for the thing that will tweak my creative day...... and don't you just love flickr????

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